Bullying agreement?

Regarding product design, research and development, price, and production, we have given customers satisfactory services, but only about the ownership of product design and molds, customers have always been worried, so we have drawn up a very unfriendly overlord clause for suppliers Give it to us, and discuss this overlord agreement with us face to face.

  Through communication, we found that the customer’s concern was not a product issue, but a trust issue, because they didn’t know us well for the first cooperation. For the distrust of customers, we respond to customers with tolerance and trust. For the customer’s concerns, we chose not to charge the mold fee to develop a new product mold for the customer, and let the customer place an order after the customer’s sample is accepted, and we will permanently exclusive sales the product to the customer, and any related products will be given priority to this customer in the future.

  We have taken a series of actions to support our customers. The customers were shocked on the spot and moved by our great sincerity and trust. In the afternoon, in order to express their gratitude, the customer team paid us $10,000 directly, although we did not ask for any deposit or other fees.

"I must be your biggest customer"

In 2019, the client’s website did not have any electrical products at all. This was a cross-border client with a short history of establishment and few employees. At that time, it was impossible to see the potential of this client. But we believe in customers very much, formed a special project team, provided exclusive services to customers every day, and tried our best to serve customers well. At that time, the customer could not prove that they had the strength to become a big importer, but he said, “I am very grateful to you, I Must be your biggest customer.”

Because you believe, you see; because you see, you have hope. Rather than just seeing it because there is hope.

At that time, the whole company attached great importance to the development of new products and worked with core members to make plans. The salesmen worked overtime every evening, went home to eat, take a bath, and sleep, then set the alarm clock to 23 o’clock, and talked with customers all night until 5 o’clock in the morning. Good summary report, go back to sleep for a while, go to work on time during the day and communicate with the team on the plan, and continue to communicate at 23:00 in the evening. This work schedule lasted for several months until an agreement was reached with the customer and the most perfect product plan was provided. .

Indeed, the customer has become the company’s largest customer, and the momentum of development is very strong

Lead time is everything

The customer of a certain order due to the supplier can not recruit workers after the relocation, productivity can not be guaranteed, the follow-up materials can not keep up, especially the circuit board welding process can not keep up, but the customer’s delivery date has been very urgent, we are determined to help customers solve the problem, our team that night docking other circuit board welding supplier, 9:30 pm to communicate circuit board assembly matters, almost 12:00 pm: About 12:00 pm communication is completed, the next morning inventory of materials, production arrangements.

       After the supplier because of manpower problems, packaging is too late, we Americas group members together to the factory for packaging. The factory was small and the conditions were difficult. A group of us divided the work and formed an assembly line operation, and finished packing hundreds of boxes in one afternoon, and finished packing at the last moment, avoiding the problem of air transportation, avoiding unnecessary losses for the company at the same time, and most importantly, catching up with the customer’s delivery date! The customer was very touched to know this, and trusted us more afterwards, and gave us more projects.

Anti-epidemic materials

The customer is very sensitive to the price, and every time he placed an order in the past, he had to compare three companies to get the lowest price. Because of the epidemic, the customer wants us to help him export the Anti-epidemic materials, the early market is buying single export, very irregular, need to turn several channels in the middle to reach the customer. The logistics unit number provided by the freight forwarder has not been showing the logistics information, and the customer is very anxious. We are also very anxious, we very much want to help customers solve this problem, and constantly consult with the freight forwarder, find ways, find a way out, to give customers a plan. When communicating with the customer by phone, the customer deeply felt our attitude, and he was very touched by it. In the continuous negotiation with the freight forwarder, the logistics information was updated, and the customer got the goods smoothly. Since then, the customer trusts us very much, the order does not compare prices or even return the price, directly to us to place an order, the customer’s website is currently doing all the hair products are purchased from us.

Problem solving for invitations

The CEO of the client came to China, he didn’t need our invitation letter, he said he would take care of it himself; but one Sunday he said on whatsapp that he was at the airport but didn’t bring his invitation letter, he couldn’t get through customs, he only had half an hour, he wanted us to help him make a company invitation letter. I was in another city when I got the message, so I found a noodle shop with a computer on the side of the road, borrowed the computer to write an invitation to the client, passed it to the boss who was on vacation with his daughter in Paradise, stamped it and passed it to the client, which took more than 20 minutes in total.

Compliance with the rules of the game

Our target customer needed to find a hair dryer that was competitive in the market and therefore approached UTRUST. We searched through our many catalog products based on the customer’s requirements, but could not find the one the customer wanted and finally found a product that met the customer’s criteria in other sources and found the factory. The customer communicated with us in detail to understand the specific specifications, performance, testing and other details.

However, the power supply and motor power of this product did not exactly match with the actual one, which might not meet the customer’s requirements at the moment.

We are well aware of the reason for the mismatch, which would make their product competitive, but it would also make the consumer feel cheated. So we decided to end the negotiation of this product in order to create value for the customer and the consumer, even though this product had an attractive value.

The customer was impressed by our sincerity, and because of that, the customer said, “UTRUST is a reliable partner. There was no more suitable hair dryer to recommend, so the cooperation was not concluded, but UTRUST’s integrity label was already engraved in the customer’s impression, and we later launched a hair dryer that met the customer’s needs and concluded the cooperation, and also expanded other product lines, such as hair straighteners, curling irons, hot air combs…

We have a full set of logic for the introduction of new products: testing framework at a glance

  1. Global assessment of the product
  2. Product usage scenarios
  3. To ensure product quality, testing in terms of safety, reliability, usability, etc.
  4. Whether special testing and certification are required
  5. Do you need extreme testing? Although the probability is low, but once it happens that leads to RMA

In other words:

Product has double protection? Fuse & thermostat?

Is the bristle material of the product flame retardant? What is the deformation resistance temperature?

Is there a pungent smell when the product is turned on?

How many degrees do the gears cool/low/med/high represent and what is the corresponding power?

We will only recommend these products to our customers if we can ensure that the above answers are safe and reliable.

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