How To Make Your Straightener Not Smell Like Burnt Hair

It can be tempting to overuse heat tools in the pursuit of perfectly curled or straight hair, especially today when hair is as important as the face.
However, in the process of using heat tools, we have seen many users have problems in using them.
UTRUST – As a hair tool supplier who has been in the hair field for 10 years, I think we have enough words to answer to solve this series of problems, please join with us.

In this article, you can learn about:

1.What Is Burnt Hair Smell? 

2.Why does my straightener make my hair smell burnt?

3.How To Get Rid Of Burnt Hair Smell?

4.How To Prevent Burnt Hair Smell?

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Now, let’s go through it together.



1. What Is Burnt Hair Smell? 


You need to be aware that this is not a minor problem, but you can avoid it completely.


If you use any kind of heat tool (straightener) to help style your hair or tame frizz, chances are you’re familiar with the smell of burning hair.
Not only does it smell bad, but it’s also a warning sign that you’ve overdone it with your heat styling.
If the smell persists after washing your hair, you may have caused serious damage.
This is where you have burned the cuticle and molecular elements of the hair shaft, which is why even if your hair is clean, you will still smell like it’s on fire.
You can also burn your hair shaft through extreme and unprotected sun exposure. That’s why we recommend using a heat protectant product before going out in the sun, for the same reason you would use a heat protectant product before using a hot tool.


2. Why does my straightener make my hair smell burnt?

Well, there could be many reasons why your hair smells bad. Most of the reasons are the common mistakes we make when using straighteners. But there are other factors that can make your hair stink when you straighten it.

It’s time to take a quick look at what they are —

(1) Hair care products burn on the edges of hair straighteners
Most of the time we apply hair care products before we straighten our hair. For example, you may have applied conditioner or gel to your hair.
The next thing you might do is plug in your straightener. Then you start straightening your hair. After a while, your hair may start to smell bad. When you straighten your hair, your hair mainly smells like smoke.
And this is because some of your hair care products are stuck in the straightener. So, when the straightener is heated, these products get heated up. After that, it starts to burn. This burning smoky smell will also transfer to your hair.
So what hair products can you pick? First you want to avoid hair products that are too heavy, too thick, too greasy, too watery, which tend to be less likely to be absorbed into your hair in a short period of time. Or you’ll need to take longer before going back to using hot tools.

(2) Straighteners do not get cleaned after use

So another reason is that your straightener is dirty. Unabsorbed hair care products, hair oil buildup, and dead skin clumps get stuck in your straightener, which wouldn’t happen if it was a clean hot tool like a flat iron.

Your hair stinks because you didn’t clean the straightener after using it. So hair with these dirty things sometimes gets stuck in it. When the straightener is turned on, these particles start burning.

Then you straighten with this straightener and the smell is transferred to your hair. Then the hair will smell like flat iron or burning.

You can wipe it with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol before using it, or you can wipe it with a towel in warm water. Make sure there is no dirt on the hot tool.


(3) Hair is too dirty
If your hair is not washed for more than two weeks, three weeks, or four weeks, it will make the products that were previously applied to your hair no longer fresh, plus the dirt that your hair will absorb every day, and these will combine with other substances and hair oils, etc. to cause a bad smell.
If you use heat such as a hair straightener at this time, the result is predictable for the same reason as (2). That’s why you need to get your hair clean before using a hot tool such as a straightener.

(4) Straighteners on wet hair
One of the warnings you always get is not to straighten wet hair. Nonetheless, we all make this mistake at some point, either intentionally or unintentionally. So let us show you what happens when you straighten wet hair.
The water or moisture left in the hair evaporates. But the hair is retaining moisture. So in the process, the hair gets burned first.
We all know that damp or wet hair can’t be straightened.
So it only damages the hair. And your hair smells either burnt or like weed. This smell is sometimes even still present after 2 or 3 washes.

(5) Flat iron temperature is set too high
One thing you might do is set the flat iron temperature too high. Maybe you set it to 200 degrees Celsius. You probably did this because you were in a hurry. And you want to straighten your hair in the shortest amount of time possible.
Trust me, we’ve all been there. If you have curly hair, this may be a common problem for you. So whenever the temperature is set too high, you notice the smoke. And this gives your hair a smoky smell.

(6) The protective coating/ceramic plate on the hair straightener is peeling off
You have probably been using the iron for a long time. So let’s assume that you have noticed a ceramic plate on the iron.
This is actually the protective layer of the iron. It helps protect the hair from heat damage. But it also has a lifespan. If you use the same iron for a long time, this layer may come off.
When the ceramic plate or ceramic layer comes off, your hair is vulnerable to direct heat, so your hair can get burned.

(7) The straightener needs to be fully heated after it is turned on
What we have to do is to connect the straightener to any electrical panel and turn it on. After that, we wait for some time to let the straightener warm up.
Once it reaches temperature, we start ironing our hair. But there is a time limit for the heating before straightening. If you start straightening too fast, the flat iron will not work. Because it doesn’t heat up enough to straighten your hair.
It may happen that the straightener overheats. This is because it takes longer to heat up than it should. And in this case, it starts burning the ceramic plates.
It burns the plates because it doesn’t heat the hair. But the heat is still more than enough. Therefore, without transferring the heat, it burns itself. As a result, the ceramic plate burns off.
That’s why when you straighten your hair, it smells bad.

(8) Hair straightening takes longer than usual
We sometimes tend to spend more time straightening our hair. But this isn’t always necessary.
You might have a date night or a big day. So you want your hair to look really straight. So you’ve been straightening your hair for a long time.
But the truth is, it’s only going to get worse. Because overdoing it can lead to damaged hair. And hair can smell bad.



3. How to remove the smell of burnt hair?

How To Get Rid Of Burnt Hair Smell

If you think that the smell of burning is forever and you will not eliminate it, you will change your mind. There are enough ways to do this, and if you use them correctly, you will soon achieve the desired results.

Therefore, I have prepared for you some ways to remove the smell of burnt hair:
(1) Shampoo and Baking Soda. Baking soda can neutralize unpleasant odors. Therefore, it can effectively cope with the smell of burning. However, do not get carried away and do not do this often because baking soda has a high alkalinity. Therefore, frequent use can damage the hair. Although the method is very effective, it should be used in moderation.
-You need to add a teaspoon of baking soda to the shampoo and mix it;
-Applying it to the hair;
-massaging the head;
-Rinse with warm or cool water;
Dry your hair and see how it looks. If your hair is dry, apply a moisturizing conditioner. If everything is fine with your hair, you can use this method.


(2) Citric Acid. It helps remove residue and odor from the hair. To avoid drying out your hair, apply citric acid directly to the areas of your hair that smell the most burnt. It will also strengthen your hair follicles and reduce the oiliness of your scalp. If it’s easier, you can make a solution with citric acid and wash your hair after shampooing. It will work in the same way.
-Mix citric acid with water in equal proportions;
-apply it to the part of the hair that smells burnt, but not to the roots;
-keep it on for 5-7 minutes and then wash it off;
-Apply conditioner. You need to do this 1-2 times a week. You shouldn’t do this too often because citric acid can lighten the hair. In addition, this method can dry out the hair when used frequently.

(3) Aloe Vera. The ingredients of this therapeutic plant include minerals such as copper and zinc, which are essential for hair growth. This treatment will help you to eliminate the odor of your hair and improve its condition and restore it. In addition, aloe vera is a great conditionerthat makes hair smooth and shiny due to its high moisture content. If you have an aloe vase at home, you can use aloe vera leaves. If not, then buy the gel at the store.
– Take aloe vera gel;
– Add olive oil or coconut oil;
– Stir it so that there are no lumps;
– Apply it on wet hair. Keep it on for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with water. Even after the first time, you will notice a change and the smell will be significantly reduced.
You need to do this twice a week. Aloe will not harm your hair, so you can do it more often.

(4) Essential Oils. People sell them at any drugstore, and after buying them there or at other cosmetic stores, you can stop burning your hair. Essential oils are very fashionable in the beauty industry and are often used to improve damaged hair. They are rich in nutrients that help shine and restore hair. Although essential oils have a strong smell, they can counteract other unpleasant odors. It is a great way to get rid of the burnt hair smell.
-Mixing a few drops of essential oil with shampoo;
-Rubbing them on the scalp for a few minutes;
-Then, rubbing along the length of the hair;
-Rinse well with water. These oils can be mixed with water, just as they are with shampoo. The main thing is to mix them with something, because simply rubbing the oil into your hair can make it greasy.
You don’t need to do this often. Once a week is enough. If you don’t see results, take longer to rub the oils in next time.

These don’t seem to be a problem, but it happens all the time. Curling irons and various perming tools have become such a habit that we use them without even noticing. However, the hair gradually begins to suffer. The hair develops a burning smell, which is very annoying and makes a person lose confidence.
Therefore, there is no need to wait for the moment when the unpleasant smell disappears. If you are experiencing such a problem, you should solve it as soon as possible. And our method will help you to do this.



4. How To Prevent Burnt Hair Smell?

Treating burnt hair can take months or even years. That’s why it’s especially important to start prevention now.

(1) Reduce the use of hot tools

There is no need to curl your hair, straighten your hair and dry it with a blow dryer too often. All of this can be done in a more natural way and without damaging your hair.

In the warm season, you can blow dry your hair in the fresh air. Styling can be done with curling irons or other methods. Getting rid of hot tools is difficult, but they will save you from further problems and your hair starts to smell burnt.

Therefore, try not to use such tools too often and change them in other ways.

(2) Making hair masks

Maintain the healthy appearance of your hair and take care of it. Make a moisturizing and nourishing mask once or twice a week. It keeps its shine and elasticity. Moreover, they help to eliminate the burnt smell of your hair from the very beginning and they do not make your hair too dry. Therefore, try to do at least some hair masks to maintain the beauty and strength of your hair.

(3) Don’t use hot tools on wet hair

You must use hot tools only on dry hair. If you do this on wet hair, it will smoke. You will immediately smell the burning smell and ruin the smell of the locks. Therefore, this action is strictly forbidden. If you need to straighten or curl your hair, wait until it is completely dry.

(4) Adjust the temperature

Hot tools at any temperature are bad for your hair. However, if you keep the temperature to a minimum, your hair won’t smell like it’s burning as often.
High temperatures will damage your hair faster and burn it. Using the highest temperature is generally forbidden because it is a real fire for your hair. Therefore, don’t take such a big risk and keep the temperature to a minimum. It also has harmful effects, but it does not so quickly provoke the appearance of burnt smell and burnt hair.

(5) Use thermal protection

It so happens that people can not get by without curlers and straighteners. In this case, it is necessary to use heat protection. Heat protectants sold in cosmetic stores can prevent hair from burning and even give it shine and elasticity. Apply it before using hot tools, even hair dryers. Make it a habit for yourself. This will help prevent your hair from getting overheated. And the less heat there is, the less damage it will do to your hair.

As you can see, there are many tips, but not everyone wants to follow them. Not everyone can eliminate curlers or stop coloring their hair regularly. If you ask why you should do this, I have an answer.
Because it helps protect your hair from serious damage. Following the rules of using heat tools and good hair care will maintain its healthy appearance and strength. Not using heat protection and regular straightening of hair can lead to harmful consequences that are difficult to eliminate. Treating burnt hair can take months or even years.
Therefore, to avoid such effects, follow our rules and recommendations. It can help you to deal with problems such as loss of shine, burnt hair smell, split ends, and unsightly appearance.



(1) Will burnt hair grow back?

Yes, burnt hair will absolutely grow back. However, patience is the key, as hair on the head grows at a rate of about 6 inches per year. Hair will grow from the roots of the scalp and over time our burned hair will become a memory (and maybe you can laugh about it).


(2) Treatment for burnt hair

  1. Use shampoo or cleanser to cleanse the hair
  2. towel dry hair
  3. Mayonnaise treatment
  4. Henna treatment
  5. Avoid sunburn
  6. Keratin treatment
  7. Hot oil treatment
  8. Apply molded oil mask to saturate hair
  9. Stop using chemicals and synthetic hair products
  10. Cut off damaged hair

You can visit Learn more.


(3) How can I prevent damage to my hair from chemicals?
If you color your hair or do chemical treatments, then your hair can get burned, dehydrated, and damaged.

This is the only solution is to nourish them properly. You can use different useful hair oils to deep condition your scalp and make your hair grow back. Try to avoid using chemicals on your scalp to get better results.

This is the most preferred way to repair burnt hair caused by chemicals.

(4) How often should I change my flat iron?
You can use your flat iron for 2.5 years. If the ceramic plates start to fall off before that, then replace them sooner. Otherwise, replace it every 2.5 years.
My hair straightener is peeling off a layer, what should I do?
The layer that is peeling off is the ceramic plate. If it has peeled off on its own, stop using the straightener. Then replace it with a new one.


Thank you very much for reading this far.


We all know that the smell of burnt hair is an annoyance, but more importantly, it is a sign of heat damage. While this is bad news, there are a few things you can do to prevent further damage.
Once you’ve got the burning smell under control, give your hair some love with moisturizing treatments, deep conditioning masks, and less heat styling. Regardless of hair type, the steps within this article should be followed as it is the best way to deal with bad odors and introduce damage control.

We are UTRUST – Hair Tools Suppliers. We hope that this article will rid you of that horrible burnt hair smell and encourage you to take better care of your hair in the future.

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